New Year, Same Site

Since it’s just a few weeks until my first con of 2020 I wanted to provide my schedule of upcoming shows, as well as my standard price list.  If you’re not able to attend any of the cons but would like to commission something you can always hit me up on the Twitters @cameronkieffer, the Instas @cameron.kieffer, message me on the Book of Faces or just email me directly at

Upcoming Show Schedule

Planet Comicon: March 20 – 22; Overland Park, KS

TopCon Pop Expo: September 19 – 20; Topeka, KS

More announcements soon!


Sketch card/Bookmark:

B&W – $5; Color – $10

4 x 6:

Color – $20

9 x 12, Single Character:

B&W- $30 Color – $45

Sketch cover:

B&W – $30; Color – $45

Additional Characters:

B&W – $10; Color – $15

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