[UPDATE] New Year, Same Site

Since it’s just a few weeks until my first con of 2020 I wanted to provide my schedule of upcoming shows, as well as my standard price list.  If you’re not able to attend any of the cons but would like to commission something you can always hit me up on the Twitters @cameronkieffer, the Instas @cameron.kieffer, message me on the Book of Faces or just email me directly at cameron.kieffer@gmail.com.

Upcoming Show Schedule

NEW DATE: Planet Comicon: August 14 – 16; Overland Park, KS

CANCELLED: TopCon Pop Expo: September 19 – 20; Topeka, KS


Sketch Card/Bookmark: B&W – $5; Color – $10

4 x 6, Single Character Only: Color – $20

9 x 12, Single Character: B&W- $30 Color – $45

Additional Characters: B&W – $10; Color – $15

Sketch cover, Single Character: B&W – $30; Color – $45

Additional Characters: B&W – $10; Color – $15

Throwback Thursday – Deadpool (again) and more!

Once again I’ve gone scrolling through my archives and found a few oldies but goodies (along with a couple that are JUST oldies).


Deadpool bookmark commission


Gwenpool sketch cover front…


…and back.


Scarlet Witch sketch card


Winter Soldier sketch card

Throwback Thursday – Deadpool

Hey everybody! This week I’m celebrating Throwback Thursday, as well as the lomg-awaited release of “Deadpool 2” by sharing a couple of past commissions featuring the Merc with a Mouth, along with a few new pieces, including a couple never-before seen sketches!


Bookmark – Deadpool eating a taco.


Sketch cover – very early attempt at using Copics. Commissioned at the first ever Topcon Geek Expo.


Sketch card – most recent drawing of good ol’ Wade, still currently in my inventory.





These last two are brand new sketch cards, currently in progress, featuring Deadpool’s newest co-stars Cable and Domino. I plan to have these two cleaned up and colored by the time I catch the film this weekend. Have a great week!

New art – Rey

I’m getting ready for my next show so time to show off some new original art I’ll have available. First is my finished Rey piece from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” I’ve been working on this off and on for months (the original pencil sketch was started back in November!) so I’m ecstatic to finally be done and to get to reveal the finished product.


DVa sticker WIP

Haven’t posted much lately so I thought I’d share progress pics for some of my recent projects. First up are the original sketches that evolved into my sticker design of D.V.a from the game “Overwatch.”  While I prefer drawing and coloring by hand, mostly working with traditional media, the below drawings were created digitally using the Sketches Pro app.


Rough pencil sketch


Pencils and some inks.


Fully inked and colored.

Open for commissions this holiday season!

Hey everyone, with the holiday season is full-swing, I figured there’s no better time to let everyone know my commission schedule is open in case you want to gift someone some original art.  Prices and examples are as follows:

Original Sketches:

Whether you want black and white or full-color, I have various sizes available depending on how much space your recipient has.  Prices range from only $5 to $30*.

  9 x 12                                              Sketch Card                                          Bookmark

B&W $20; Color $30                    B&W $5; Color $10                          B&W $5; Color $10

Sketch Covers $25 B&W; $35 Color

If interested, you can contact me via email at cameron.kieffer@gmail.com, or send me a message on Facebook or @cameronkieffer on either Twitter or Instagram.

*Prices may vary due to complexity or specific instructions (such as likenesses)

#Inktober2017 – Week 1

So not only is October over but we’re officially half-way through November.  It’s hard to believe 2017 is nearly over but here we are.  Needless to say, I’ve gotten a bit behind in my postings (what else is new?) but here’s a full collection of pieces from the first week of Inktober!  This was my second year full-on participating and my first year actually inking something new every single day of the month.  My theme for Week 1 was centered around the X-Men.  Enjoy and stay tuned for the rest soon!


Jean Grey aka “Phoenix”


Kurt Wagner aka “Nightcrawler”


Tom Petty – technically not a mutant but he had just passed away on day 3 so it seemed appropriate. Rest In Peace, Tom.


Logan aka “Wolverine”


Piotr Rasputin aka “Colossus”. This was my third attempt, he’s much harder to draw than you’d think.


Rogue, one of my all-time favorites. Can’t wait to share the color version.


Scott Summers aka “Cyclops” from an alternate reality, suggested in a Twitter poll.


Alison Blair aka “Dazzler”


Cameron’s Log, Stardate: October 3, 2017.

It’s the third day of October, which also means it’s the third day of inktober.  I know what you’re thinking: but Cameron, what’s inktober?  Isn’t it just a hashtag?  No, no it isn’t.  It is one variation of several hashtags but that’s beside the point.

The history of inktober is really quite simple and we have an artist by the name of Jake Parker to thank for it.  He created the term as a way of honing his own artistic skills and ended up creating a movement for established and aspiring artists to draw every day and share their art with a constantly expanding audience (you can check out his site and read more about it here).

While Parker created a theme for each day, the only rule is to draw something in ink every day, no matter what medium you use.  There are themes for each day but the great part about it is the artist can decide to work within those confines or establish their own themes.  Last year was my first attempt at having something new every day but I wasn’t quite able to make it.  This year, however, is different.  Now that I’m out of school, my schedule has somewhat opened up and I’m going to attempt 31 new drawings by the end of the month.  Rather than have a different daily theme, I’m going to have weekly themes and will post the full week’s worth of drawings by the following Sunday.

My schedule is as follows:

Week 1: X-Men – I’ve been on an X-Men kick lately and plan to have a full series of 80’s and 90’s era mutants by this weekend.

Week 2: My Little Pony – If you know me, this one should come as no surprise, and I’ve already gotten a couple of requests for MLP mash-ups.  These will also be good practice for my upcoming appearance at CanterlotKC.

Week 3: Horror – This one just seems appropriate for Halloween.  I’m currently planning on something from “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead” but am certainly open to other ideas for characters or ideas from film and tv.  I started last year with a piece inspired by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and would happily consider a companion piece.

Week 4: TBD – Hey it’s early!  And I don’t want to necessarily limit myself so I’m keeping my options open.

If you have suggestions for themes or ideas within those themes, you can always hit me up in the comments or let me know via social media.  And to my fellow artists, I encourage you to participate as well.  It’s not just a motivational tool to draw every day, it’s a great way to share your art and participate in a community with others doing the same thing.  So pick up a pen and start drawing!


Con Schedule & Updated Price List

Hey everyone!  Summer is officially over (sad panda) but con season is still in full-swing.  I’ve updated the show schedule and price list, both of which should remain accurate for the remainder of the year.  Next show is the now-annual Batman Day at Elite Comics this Saturday!  I’ve got several new prints to unveil, and several Batman-themed sketch covers which are perfect if you want to commission a unique piece.

As always, if you’re not able to attend any of the cons but would like to commission something you can always hit me up on the Twitters @cameronkieffer or email me directly at cameron.kieffer@gmail.com.

Upcoming Show Schedule

NEW SHOW! Batman/Harley Quinn Day: September 23; Elite Comics; Overland Park, KS

Ad Astra Toy & Arts Fair: September 30, 11am-6pm; Lawrence, KS

 Freestate Comicon: October 21; Lawrence, KS

Canterlot KC: October 27 – 29; Overland Park, KS

 Air Capital ComicCon: November 11 – 12; Wichita, KS


9 x 12 commission: Black & white – $15; Color – $25

Sketch card/Bookmark: B&W – $5; Color $10

Sketch cover: B&W – $20; Color – $30

Prints: 8 x 10 – $5; 4 x 6 – $1

Card sets: $8

Sticker sets: Varies

“Geek Theory” comic – $4 – PRICE REDUCED

*May vary based on size and complexity