I live in Topeka, KS with my wife Monica.  I’m a recent college-graduate and also work full-time at a real “adult” job.  Creativity is my passion and  I write and draw as often as I can and am available for commissions year-round.  You can check out samples of my art and writing on this site and over here. I am also a founder of The Nerd Dump where I co-host a pop culture-centric podcast, which you can find here.

Currently reading: Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey (for the second time)

Currently listening to: Geek History Lesson podcast, Up and Vanished podcast; Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix vol 2

Currently working on: surviving tax season; writing the new “season” of Geek Theory; new con samples, and squeezing out time to work on a few new commissions and record the next Nerd Dump episode.

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