…my life up to now…

Hi, everybody!  Been pretty busy as of late but I’m back and I plan on making this more of a regular occurrence.  Here’s a quick update for those interested in my life up to now:

-Finally concluded the iPhone Chronicles last week.  After several months, it’s finally done…at least until this week, when I’ll be posting an epilogue but after that it’s definitely, absolutely, positively done!  If you haven’t been checking it out, click on the Geek Theory tab and get caught up!

-Spent the weekend in Kansas City, hanging with my wife and the in-laws, shopping, eating, and trying to stay either dry and/or cool.  Humidity following rain following humidity and so on and so forth…

-Saw “The Avengers”.  Twice!  It was amazing, I’ve been struggling to not just post a full review but by the time I do, everyone will have seen it.  Hell, I may do it anyway.

-Still reading “Game of Thrones.”  I know, pathetic but it’s a big book and I usually don’t have time to read it til bedtime where I’ll read half a chapter and fall asleep.  At least I’m better than my wife; she’s been reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” for two years and still isn’t done.

That’s about it so far.  Lots coming up in the coming months, including a garage sale here in a couple weeks, Relay for Life the week after, and then who knows?  The crazy never stops.  Fortunately, like Catwoman*, “I’m adaptable.”


*quoting the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer which I’ve watched half a dozen times already.  Yes I’m a nerd.



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