Monkeys Stole My Face!

Ok, so not really but if they had, it would totally be a legitimate excuse for not blogging for a while.  Here’s a quick update of the past few weeks:

Planet Comicon was a blast.  Met lots of cool people, including a couple Topeka natives who are working on their own book. More details and pictures are forthcoming

Made friends with some local retailers who agreed to help advertise my own little comic.  Thanks, Vintage Stock and Gatekeeper Hobbies!

My (actual) job is getting ready for our physical inventory so sleep and free-time are soon to be nonexistent so let’s hope I survive the experience.

Enjoyed a relaxing Easter with my wife and got to see most of my family and hers (usually we split up so this was kind of a big deal).  Ate way too much, thus I decree Easter to now be known as the Thanksgiving of spring.

Discovered the coolest thing ever (this week): a 5K where you run…to avoid being killed by zombies!  Seriously, check it out, it is epicly awesome :

Also, while you’re surfing the interwebs, check out my family blog, managed by my lovely wife.  She’s a much better blogger than I am, or so she says:

Anyway, that’s been my life lately.  If you haven’t checked out Geek Theory this week, that’s good because there were some grievous spelling errors that literally drove me crazy yesterday.  Head over and check out the completed version and be sure to come back tomorrow to see the next comic.  That’s right, folks, two comics this week.

Now don’t say I never give you anything! 😉

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