I should probably post something

I feel terrible.  I’ve been neglecting my poor blog lately.

It sits here waiting day after day, week after week, waiting for me to come and type up new things, nurturing it and helping it to grow.  Sadly, life and all of it’s busy components tend to get in the way.  Here’s a quick summary of the past few weeks

3 Weeks Ago: I turned 30.  Had a nice little party with some close friends and family.  Had some good food and good times and an awesome Star Wars cake that happened to be 3 hours late (pictures forthcoming)

2 Weeks Ago: The family had a garage sale (hence the topical comics recently).  The time I didn’t spend setting up and selling precious (and not-so precious) belongings was spent at my actual job or worrying about my Grandma who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer.

1 Week Ago: Spent every waking hour getting ready for the Relay for Life cancer walk that my wife and I were at for nearly 24 hours straight.  If it weren’t for Red Bull and Dr. Pepper, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the night.

Saturday: Slept til about 3:30 in the afternoon, woke up, ate dinner and watched the season finale of “Sherlock.” Amazing stuff.

Sunday: Got up at 5am to go to work, went to visit my Grandma, discovered I had a tire about to go flat, spent 45 minutes waiting on AAA, spent another hour and 1/2 at Wal-Mart getting said tire replaced before coming home and having dinner at 8 o’clock.

Been a busy…well, year to say the least but I might have some time to relax in the near future…


…probably not :p



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