Countdown to KC Comic Con pt 2

Hey err’body!  Shameless promotion time!

As many of you are aware, Kansas City Comic Con is nearly a week away and I’ll once again be attending (booth 1326, come say hi). I’ve added some new material to my inventory which I’ll have available for sale at the show. In addition I am available for commissions in a wide variety of media, including sketch cards, bookmarks, and 8×11 size sketches. I’ll also have a wide variety of sketch covers on-hand, including new series like Future Quest, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, and Doctor Strange.  And speaking of Gwen, see below for the first new print in my arsenal: the amazing Spider-Gwen!


Spider-Gwen will also be joined by everybody’s favorite psychopath Harley Quinn, in her popular “Bombshell” outfit.  Harley’s about to be a movie star and regardless of how the movie turns out, her popularity will not be diminishing any time soon. Especially if the cosplayers have anything to say about it!


Stay tuned to this space for more previews… 🙂

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