Countdown to KC Comic Con

Hey all!  I’ll be posting the next installment of my Storytelling series later this week but for now, I wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the new art I’ll have available at Kansas City Comic Con.  The show’s only a couple weeks away and I could not be more excited!

For starters, I’ll have a one-of-a-kind set of My Little Pony sketch cards, priced at only $5 per card.  In addition, I’ll also have a new MLP print depicting Ponified versions of two of my favorite DC villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, all of which can be seen below.

Time to get back to work but I hope you enjoy what you see and that you check this space again later for more previews. In the meantime you can head here for details on the show itself.

MLP_cards 001

The full set of cards in all its glory.

harley_ivy_MLP 001

Harley & Ivy: Friendship is Magic

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