Princess Ninja

So here’s the story as best I can tell it without committing possible plagiarism:
Kelly Sue DeConnick is a writer for Marvel Comics, soon to be writing “Avengers Assemble” this fall.  She is a fantastic writer who loves her fans, so much so that she simply couldn’t help herself when she met a young girl at a recent convention; a young girl who convinced Kelly that they needed to create a comic together that would incorporate all her favorite things, among them ninjas, zombies, vampires, and kitties.  I’m sure anyone reading this with a beating heart could understand.  Those of you who are zombies (and I know you undead read this) are obvious exceptions but I won’t hold that against you.  Just the eating human flesh part.
So, long story made slightly shorter, Kelly decided to get other people involved (basically anyone that follows her on Twitter).  People who have a penchant for drawing princesses, ninjas, ninja princesses, zombie ninjas, and the like were all invited to contribute.  How could I decline?

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the first of my illustrations from “Winter’s Tales.”  Enjoy.

For more info, check out Kelly’s site:

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