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Hey, long time no see!  Figured it was waaay past blog time so let’s hit the ground running!

SDCC’s been over for a few weeks now but the latest “Geek Theory” storyline “Adventures in Comic-Con” is still going (despite recent delays).  Hope you’ve all been enjoying it and, as always, feel free to comment or provide feedback via my Facebook or Twitter feeds.  As a creator, I’m always looking for criticism (both good AND bad) so I know what to keep doing and what to work on, so drop me a line anytime.  I’m always happy to talk with readers!

Speaking of the comic, you’ll notice today’s is not only late but a little different.  “Adventures in Comic-Con Part 3” is running behind and will be up by Friday so in the meantime, I’ve scoured my comic strip archives to bring you “Corporate America.”  See, back in college I made several attempts at a regular comic strip and one of those many endeavors was going to be about my experiences in retail.  Needless to say I quickly grew bored of the characters and today’s strip is all that remains.  However several elements of what it would eventually become will make their way into future “Geek Theory” stories, so at least they won’t go to waste.  You may also notice a slight resemblance between our character Graham and “Geek Theory’s” stars Charlie and James.

While searching through my archives, I found several other notable works (most of which are the so bad it’s almost enjoyable variety) that I may post on this blog in the near future.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I did want to mention a couple things that have come to light and I want to get the word out:

1) I won’t talk much about the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, Colorado almost two weeks ago but for anyone that plans on seeing “The Dark Knight Rises” or any other film actually, several theaters are giving the option to donate the price of a movie ticket to the victims in Aurora.  Several people are still in the hospital after the shooting and they could use the help.  Trust me, that money’s better served than going to see “Magic Mike.”

2) Joey Esposito is an editor with and he’s trying to get his graphic novel “Pawn Shop” funded through Kickstarter.  It looks really cool and the man’s got talent, in addition to serious geek cred.  Check out the link and pass it on:

That’s all for now, sports fans!  I’m out to get the comic finished and I’ll see you again on Friday.  Peace!


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