Happy Pi Day!

So, it’s 3/14 and that means it’s Pi Day! Not to be confused with Pie Day, which is of course any day in which pie can be made available for consumption.  Those are pretty much the best days ever.

Mmmm…pie.  I like pie.

Sorry, getting distracted.  So…um…yeah, Pi.  Yay numbers!

Anyway, moving on.  As I said last month, I’ll be attending Planet Comic-Con the weekend of the 24th-25th.  In addition to dressing up and walking the floor, I’ll be promoting the heck out of “Geek Theory” by meeting fellow creators, dropping business cards like they’re hot and handing out fun promo materials like this postcard:

Many thanks to my lovely wife for helping with the design and printing process.  I’ll be throwing these up all over town.  Now I’ve just got to work on my portfolio and make sure I’ve got plenty of stuff worth getting viewed by professionals (fingers crossed).

Lastly, a quick shout-out to my buddy James and his friends at dailyjournalkcz.blogspot.com.  They’ve got an awesome zombie-centric blog that’s a lot of fun.  If you like reading about the undead, dismemberment, and the Apocalypse (and who doesn’t?), check it out.

Now, I’m off to go doodle some more and enjoy a nice slice of Pi.  Later, folks!


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