Under construction

You may have noticed some changes going on in the past week or so.  I’ve had the site for nearly a year now and have decided to change it up a bit, starting with “Geek Theory.”  The format has changed to make it easier to read (as well as making it easier for me to post) and so I’ll be re-posting all of the older strips in this format.  A new strip will be available a little later but for now I’ve re-posted the very first strip, now in color, with the rest to follow.  Sorry for the inconvenience but I hear change is good, so we’ll soon see.  As always, feel free to comment and be sure to check back as I’ll be updating the site throughout the day.  Later, peeps!


UPDATE: All the comics have finally been re-posted.  The newest comic “iPhone Chronicles pt 7” is now up.  Thanks for your patience!

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