Wuddup y’all?

Sorry it’s been a while.  Been a crazy busy year so far.  There has been many an evening spent cleaning, dining, gaming, and shopping these last few weeks with no sign of stopping anytime soon.  Well, I can hope for an end to cleaning but I know that’s probably never gonna happen.

A few status updates:

Currently playing: Lego Harry Potter 2.  Gearing up for the final showdown with little Voldemort.  He’s so darned cute, I almost feel bad for destroying all his LEGO Horcruxes!

Listening to: lots of Broadway; American Idiot, Rock of Ages, and Book of Mormon.  Excellent albums all.

Reading: Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.  Compelling human drama set in a far-off land where dragons once existed.  If only all fantasy novels were as riveting.

Planning: A trip to New York.  Oh yes, trading one coast for another.  Looking to book our place right now so any input would be greatly appreciated!


And that’s been my life lately!  Also, there’s a new Geek Theory up today.  Sorry for the delay but this week has been nuts.  This week’s strip continues the (not-so) epic iPhone Chronicles and is actually two whole pages, instead of the usual one.  It’s also being published in black and white to give me time to complete each installment in advance so I don’t have any further delays.  I may color it someday but for now I’m happy with it as is.  Hope everyone else is too.  See ya next week!


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