First post of the new year!

Sorry for the delay, folks.  Decided to take a longer holiday than I had originally planned.  So here we are, in the year 2012.  We may not be getting flying cars or jetpacks in every home but at least we’ll see Avengers, Spider-men, and Dark Knights rising in theaters this calendar year.  And speaking of calendars, thanks to those crazy Mayans, people everywhere are thinking this could be the last year of humanity’s existence.  But I say don’t believe the hype.  And don’t believe bad sci-fi movies starring John Cusack either.  The fact is, the world’s not gonna end.  At worst, the country will face financial ruin, people everywhere will lose jobs, and we’ll end up in another Great Depression but, hey, at least we have one more “Twilight” movie to look forward to, right?

On second thought, I’m building my bomb shelter now and waiting out the coming apocalypse.

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