So about this comic…

To be perfectly honest, “Geek Theory” really hasn’t been that funny lately.

It’s more or less intentional as I am telling an ongoing story, leading up to the characters playing their role-playing superhero game. At some point the comic will veer away from the “joke-of-the-week” formula and into a sequential storyline. I wanted to use the traditional comic strip structure to introduce the characters and core concept of my little world. See, “Geek Theory” has been a pet project of mine for some time and I’ve spent the last year or so really trying to figure out how best to create these characters and get them out into the world.

As of now the script for the next storyline is being written and will be available on this site very soon. In the meantime, new comics will still be available every week to continue the arc I’ve started. Today, however, will be a little different. I’m interrupting the gaming storyline to post a comic I was inspired to write after watching a particular video that premiered online yesterday. Hope you enjoy “Geeks Assemble” and as always, thanks for reading!

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