Just taking a moment to reflect…

Whenever a momentous occasion occurs I always use the opportunity to reflect on the past and its influence current events, and how said events can influence the future.

Yesterday I celebrated my third year of marriage to my beautiful wife.  We’ve been together a total of almost seven years but lately I’ve been focusing on the year since our last anniversary and all that’s happened since.  There have been some amazing times, both fun and enlightening, while others have been sad and downright terrifying.  I definitely see myself differently now than I did this time last year.  I can also see how the things that have shaped me into who I am now will continue to do so down the road.  I’m not going to be the exact same person that I am this time next year.  Granted, I’ll probably still read comics, and get endless enjoyment out of speculating on what new movies will be awesome and which ones will suck the big one.  But I think in the grand scheme of the world, my world, that stuff will matter a great deal less.  The things I thought were important will start to become trivial, while the things I used to take for granted will get a lot more appreciation.

This may sound a bit heavy-handed and I apologize for the lack of humor but every now and again, I need to say something poignant.  Even if it’s only to myself.

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