Open for commissions this holiday season!

Hey everyone, with the holiday season is full-swing, I figured there’s no better time to let everyone know my commission schedule is open in case you want to gift someone some original art.  Prices and examples are as follows:

Original Sketches:

Whether you want black and white or full-color, I have various sizes available depending on how much space your recipient has.  Prices range from only $5 to $30*.

  9 x 12                                              Sketch Card                                          Bookmark

B&W $20; Color $30                    B&W $5; Color $10                          B&W $5; Color $10

Sketch Covers $25 B&W; $35 Color

If interested, you can contact me via email at, or send me a message on Facebook or @cameronkieffer on either Twitter or Instagram.

*Prices may vary due to complexity or specific instructions (such as likenesses)

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