ITEM: Upcoming Event at Oddfellow’s

Hey again, internet-using people!

Feels like I was just posting about Planet Comicon and here i am again promoting my next appearance.  This Friday (in two days, holy crap!), I’ll be at attending my very first First Friday show (redundancy intended) at Oddfellow’s Fine Books Collectibles in downtown Topeka from 5 to 8:30.  They have an amazing selection of classic literature, rare first editions, modern classics, and of course, comic books.  I’ll be on hand to promote Geek Theory (which is taking a week off, sorry!) and to sell prints.  I also have a few spots open for commissions for personalized book-marks and sketch cards.
I’m also excited to debut a new series of bookmarks I designed that will be made available exclusively at Oddfellow’s!  Each one is based on a classic piece of literature (including a more modern classic) and were drawn and colored by yours truly.  See below for a sneak peek!
If you’re in the downtown area for the First Friday walk, please stop by and see us!
LOTR_bookmark 001
 “This bookmark isn’t big enough for the both of us!”

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