Comic Show News

Hey all!

Sorry this site’s been kinda lonely lately. Between work and classes, my artistic endeavors have had to take a backseat the last few weeks.

HOWEVER…starting today, I’ll have lots of new content to share with you guys, including a few sketch covers that I’ll be bringing with me to show (and maybe sell) at Free State Comicon tomorrow in Lawrence, KS, located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. I’ll also be attending Free Comic Book DAY OF THE DEAD at Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. Check out the links below for more info!

Lastly, “Geek Theory” has been on hiatus the last couple weeks as I’ve been prepping for con but starting next week we’ll be back on schedule. Be sure to check out my sister site on Wednesday for a brand new strip!

Anyway, as promised here’s an exclusive look at my sketch cover for “The Walking Dead” featuring the ever popular Daryl Dixon!
Walking Dead Daryl cover inked

FreeState Comicon

Elite Comics Day of the Dead

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