Dear God, it’s cold!!

Seriously, it’s freezing out there.  You’d think living in Kansas all my life, I’d be used to it, but no.  Hate hate hate the cold!  I would rather be standing out in a field with no shade in 100 degree weather, wearing the uniform of a Civil War-era soldier, under a fur coat (not a real fur coat, that’s cruel), and drinking a mug of hot ale.  Seriously, that is how much I hate the cold.

Anyway, with the cold comes the inevitable four-letter word we all know we’re going to have to suffer through at some point (you know the one that rhymes with “know”), as well as the knowledge that a certain holiday is upon us; I won’t spell that one out either since I choose to remain non-denominational but bare in mind, I’ll be celebrating the one that rhymes with “Gristmas”.  So when you’re out there in Retail Land, spending money you don’t have on crap for someone that doesn’t need it and probably won’t appreciate it anyway, be sure to be safe, try not to trample people (that’s cruel, too) and make sure to give some change to the lovely people standing outside ringing the bells.  It may not be for them but they certainly do appreciate it.  Plus, I’m sure they don’t care much for cold either.

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