Epic Fail part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Okay, so you know how I mentioned losing my sketchbook to a bunch of nasty hooligans?  Well, I managed to locate them on Facebook, added them as friends, found out where they lived, drove down to Wichita, and waited in the bushes for them to come home from whatever ad agency/law firm/outlet mall department store they work in (because they were dressed really, really nice).  I sprang from my hiding place, tossing my empty cans of Monster Energy drink at them before attacking them full-on with my Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber, and knocking them out one by one, keeping the last one conscious just long enough to glean from him the whereabouts of my long-lost sketchbook.

Apparently they had just sold it on Craigslist the day before.  Good Grief.

So, I collected the two dollars they’d made off of my art, packed a bag and flew to Helena, Montana where I proceeded to look for a Mr. Edward Larson who had purchased said art and went about planning a similar attack.  Turns out he was an old, blind man who had never been able to look upon any art since he was a young boy, drawing from his own sketchpad, and wanted something to remember those long, lost days of his youth.  How he’d managed to order it online, let alone why, since he could’ve just bought one at a store, I’m not really sure but since he was old, feeble, and blind, he was easy to subdue so I broke in, punched him in the kidneys and was back home with my sketchbook before the end of the night.

So only a couple weeks late, I’m back and the new comic is posted.  And nobody got hurt (except for the three jerks from Wichita and an old blind guy).

And be sure to come back on Thursday and Friday for two all new comics!  Laters!

UPDATE (11/18/11): Due to an overwhelming work schedule, there will be no new comic today.  Today’s strip was supposed to continue last night’s Twilight inspired comic but that has been pushed to next Wednesday instead.  However, as a treat, I’ll post a special comic-related blog on Sunday so be sure to come back and check it out!

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