SDCC Part 2

So, I’ve been back for a whole week and am just now getting around to finishing up this blog. *sigh*

So much of Friday was spent trying to see everything, find souvenirs for our friends and spot celebrities. In addition to the entire cast of “The Big Bang Theory”, we saw Michael Clarke Duncan (big dude from “The Green Mile”), Chris Hardwick (G4 and former “Singled Out” host) and I’m pretty sure I saw the guy that plays StarBurns on “Community.” Almost certain of it.

We also nearly died trying to get free “Twilight” crap for our friends and cousins. There is no logical reason to risk one’s life for “Twilight” stuff but in a place like Comic-Con, logic doesn’t enter into a lot of things.

The day ended with our backs sore, arms full of crap, and as Monica headed off to the trolley and back to our condo, I stuck around for the Creator Connection panel, a small event to gather up-and-coming artists and writers in a speed-dating like format where you can network, workshop ideas, and maybe even arrange collaborations on projects. It was very cool. Met some really nice people, many of whom had really great ideas. I went as an artist sitting down with other writers, hearing their ideas, sharing my own, as well as my skill with a pen. All in all, it was a very good reason to stick around after all the spectacle of Con began to wind down.

I think we’re gonna take a year off and go back in 2013. As for next year, well, there’s always the Comic-Con in New York. Big Apple here we come…?

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