Technology: Bane of my Existance

So those of you who frequent this little corner of the world may have noticed the lack of new content lately.  While I would normally be forthcoming about my laziness or the fact that both my work and home lives have been so busy of late, the real truth of the matter is that my printer is on the fritz.  Not entirely sure yet if it’s the ink or the printer itself but in either case, technology has failed us.  As it is currently the wife’s birthday weekend I am out of town but this coming week I’ll be working on fixing the issue and adding all new material.  If you enjoyed the first “Fandom Menace” comic, there are more to come.  I just need to figure out an effective way to get them from my drawing board to the interwebs!

Also, in the spirit of interactivity, if anyone can come up with a better title than “Fandom Menace” (considering Episode One came out over a decade ago, it feels a bit dated to me) feel free to sound off in the comments and give me some fresh ideas.  I’ll be happy to consider any good ones and ridicule the bad ones.  For now, I’ve got to run, the next comic is not going to just draw itself!

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