Hello world!

Well, this is it.  My first website.  Not much to look at yet but I can promise that will change.  See, I’m an artist and aspiring writer who has spent far too many years scribbling in the shadows and making up worlds of ideas only to store them in the recesses of my mind so that my head is growing increasingly heavy!  Thus, I have created the Internet as a place to store all my belongings!

Okay, so that last part wasn’t true but I did find a way through one of the many tubes (see the Internet is full of them) and managed to find my way to this place here where you are now!

Okay, so my wife did the work but that’s hardly the point!   As I said, there’s not much to see yet but with a little time and effort that will change.  My silly stories and artwork is forthcoming and in the meantime please post any questions, comments, concerns, insane ramblings, and whatever else your mind sends down to your fingertips to explode out on to your keyboard (that’s a nasty visual) and if you feel like, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, anxious to be Liked and/or Followed.
Happy Trails!

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