Countdown to Planet Comicon ‘23

The first con of the year is less than a week away (how is it already March?) and since I’ve dragged my feet, I won’t have any slots open for pre-show commissions. However, I will be open to taking commissions during the show starting on Friday 3/17. Options and prices are as follows:

  • Sketch Card, color on 2.5”x3.5” artist trading card: $15
  • Single Character, color on 4.25”x5.5”: $30
  • Single Character, B&W on 9”x12”: $40
    Addt’l Characters: $15
    Background: $15
  • Single Character, color on 9”x12”: $60
    Addt’l Characters: $20
    Background: $20
  • Single Character, B&W on blank sketch cover: $50
    Addt’l Characters: $15
  • Single Character, color on blank sketch cover: $65
    Addt’l Characters: $20
Sketch Card
Single Character, 4.25”x5.5”
Single Character, 9”x12”
Single Character + 1 Addt’l on blank sketch cover

2022 Con Schedule

I’m not exactly sure where the year is going but it’s somehow already April, which, in Kansas, means there are only a few more weeks of winter. That also means it’s the start of Con Season! This summer will see my long-awaited return to Salina, as well as my debut at Fountain City. More shows may be announced but for now, here’s what we got:

Planet Comicon – April 22-24

Salina Comic Con – July 16-17

Fountain City Con – July 30-31

Slash and Bash Film Festival – August 26-27

Freestate Comic Con – September 10

Air Capital Comic Con – November 5-6

Pre-show commissions are currently open for Planet Comic Con! Slots are limited so get your requests in now! See details and prices here

No CONtact Commissions Open!

Well, it’s the middle of November and that means Con Season has officially come to a close. Whereas most years I’d be assessing my inventory and supplies, planning out next year’s schedule, and taking a much needed rest, this year is a little different. While I’ve been fortunate enough to have clients reach out for an illustration here and there, the actual con experience was completely nonexistent. Every show I had lined up was postponed or outright cancelled and with good reason. Let’s face it, cons are great but I’m not about to risk being the cause of someone getting sick, nor am I willing to risk my own health or that of my loved ones.

But enough about that – let’s move on to the real meat of the post: shameless self-promotion! I’m opening up slots for some pre-con style commissions. These are drawn on 9″x12″ smooth Strathmore Bristol sheets. Blank sketch covers are also available in the same price range but the price may vary depending on the cost of the book itself. I don’t currently have an inventory of my available blanks but I’ve got quite a variety, so feel free to inquire at any time. I also have smaller-scale options for the budget (or space)-conscious.

If you wish to make a request, you may send me a message via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or you can go the old-fashioned route and email me (all social media and contact info here). Whichever method you prefer, please provide the following information:

  • First and last name.
  • Your complete shipping address.
  • The type of commission you’d like (Options listed below).
  • The name of the character(s) you would like. Please include any preferences, such as costume, era, or alternate reality doppelgänger (example: Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse).
  • If your character is an original creation (OC), please include reference images, color preferences, and a brief description. I like to know a little something about the characters I draw so I can include aspects of their personality!

Once I receive your request, I will respond at my earliest convenience so we can make PayPal payment arrangements and I can start drawing for you. This is where the fun begins!

These are my current Pre-Con style commission options and rates:

  • Single character, black & white on 9″x12″: $30
  • Single character, color on 9″x12″: $45
  • Single character, black & white on blank sketch cover: $35
  • Single character, color on blank sketch cover: $50
  • Single character, color on 4.25”x5.5″: $20
  • Sketch card, color on 2.5”x3.5” artist trading card: $10
  • Additional characters, black & white: $10; color: $15 (available on 9×12 or sketch covers only).
  • U.S. shipping/handling: $5 – 8 for USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the US. Price may vary by location. As a courtesy, I will provide tracking information to you once the item has shipped. Due to COVID-19, please consider that some shipments and delivery could be delayed. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and as always, thank you for your support!

Throwback Thursday – Deadpool

Hey everybody! This week I’m celebrating Throwback Thursday, as well as the lomg-awaited release of “Deadpool 2” by sharing a couple of past commissions featuring the Merc with a Mouth, along with a few new pieces, including a couple never-before seen sketches!


Bookmark – Deadpool eating a taco.


Sketch cover – very early attempt at using Copics. Commissioned at the first ever Topcon Geek Expo.


Sketch card – most recent drawing of good ol’ Wade, still currently in my inventory.





These last two are brand new sketch cards, currently in progress, featuring Deadpool’s newest co-stars Cable and Domino. I plan to have these two cleaned up and colored by the time I catch the film this weekend. Have a great week!

#FanArtFriday – X-Men

Happy Friday, everybody! I decided to use this space to unveil some of my finished pieces, though a couple of these you may have seen before via Twitter or Instagram. I started working on these last fall for Inktober and just now got around to finishing the backgrounds. The theme of this series was “80’s Era X-Men”, using characters and costumes from the classic Claremont/Byrne run of “Uncanny X-Men.” I may add a few more eventually but I’ve already started on a series inspired by their early 90’s series, my personal favorite era since that was when I first discovered the Merry Mutants.

The below pieces were inked and colored using a combination of Microns, Prismacolors, Copic markers and multiliners.


Jean Grey (Phoenix)








Throwback Thursday: Guardians of the Galaxy

In honor of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 being released, this week’s TBT is my original Sanrio-inspired print, featuring the now-famous characters in their original comic book designs.  Below is the black & white inked piece, followed by the full-color version, which was completed with Copic markers.

Sanrio GotG 001GotG

Throwback Thursday: The Rocketeer

Hello all and welcome to another installment of Throwback Thursday or as I call it “Recycle Old Drawings Day”!  This week I’ve posting the original pencil sketch of the Rocketeer I did years ago before transforming it into one of my first (and, to date, most popular) prints.


Original sketch above’ finished version below.



Here is my most recent sketches of Hellboy, first pencilled and inked with Prismacolor.



Next I erased the pencil lines, and added shading with 100 Black Copic marker.



Finally, I colored him in and added the background, all with Copic marker.

Hellboy_color 001