Throwback Thursday: Hulk

In honor of the Hulk’s “incredible” new look in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, this week’s TBT is Hulk in his gladiator armor from the uber-popular “Planet Hulk” storyline, from which Thor’s new flick seems to be borrowing in certain respects.

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk

This sketch was done completely in pencil back in 2007. You can check out the trailer here to see how they compare.

Throwback Thursday: Daryl

Welcome back! This week’s throwback is yet another early sketch cover, this time  depicting everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding, walker-killing, sleeve-loathing redneck Daryl Dixon! This was just the first of many Walking Dead sketch covers I’ve done and the shading is…rough to say the least but it still has a special place in my heart.

Walking Dead Daryl cover inked

Throwback Thursday: The Rocketeer

Hello all and welcome to another installment of Throwback Thursday or as I call it “Recycle Old Drawings Day”!  This week I’ve posting the original pencil sketch of the Rocketeer I did years ago before transforming it into one of my first (and, to date, most popular) prints.


Original sketch above’ finished version below.


Commissions and such!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  I had a blast at Little Apple Comic Expo this past Saturday and wanted to share a few highlights from the show:

Sketch cards of America Chavez and Laura Kinney, aka the All-New Wolverine (above);  Rocket & Baby Groot and Captain Marvel (below)

These were compilations by various artists at the show centered around a specific theme; on the left, Spider-Man villains; and on the right, Batman villains (above)

Close-ups of my contributions: Green Goblin and Poison Ivy (ab0ve)


Sketch card commission of an Umbreon from “Pokémon” (above)


Did this last commission for a nice couple of their son as a Pokémon trainer, and Pikachu (above)

Throwback Thursday: Hawkeye

Happy Thursday!  I’m starting a new thing around here, where every week, I’ll post something new (or rather, old) for Throwback Thursday.  To start, here’s a piece I did almost four years ago.  This was one of the very first sketch covers I ever drew, and the first one I ever sold, admittedly for much cheaper than I should have.  To be fair, I was new to this whole “drawing for money” thing, so I had no idea how much to charge.  Even now, I occasionally second guess myself.

But alas.  I’ve done a bunch of covers since, but this is still one of my absolute favorites.  I present to you, my Young Avengers cover, featuring Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye:

YA Kate Bishop sketchcover color

Con Schedule & Prices

Hello all, just one day until my first con of 2017 so I wanted to provide my schedule of upcoming shows, as well as my standard price list.  If you’re not able to attend any of the cons but would like to commission something you can always hit me up on the Twitters @cameronkieffer or email me directly at

Upcoming Show Schedule

 Little Apple Comic Expo: March 18, 10am – 6pm; Manhattan, KS

 KC Fan Con: April 1, 10am – 5pm; Lawrence, KS

Planet Comicon: April 21 – 24; Overland Park, KS

Free Comic Book Day: Elite Comics; Overland Park, KS

NEW SHOW! Salina Comic Con: June 17-18, 10am – 6pm; Salina, KS

TopCon Geek Expo: September 9 – 10; Topeka, KS

NEW SHOW! Ad Astra Toy & Arts Fair: September 30, 11am-6pm; Lawrence, KS

NEW SHOW! Air Capital Comic Con


9 x 12 commission: Black & white – $15; Color – $25

Sketch card/Bookmark: B&W or color – $5

Sketch cover: B&W – $20; Color – $30

Prints: 8 x 10 – $5; 4 x 6 – $1

“Geek Theory” comic – $5

Con Season Begins!

Hey everybody!  It’s that time of year again, when the stress of the holidays turns into the stress of creating and promoting new things for convention season!  Also it’s tax season and the weather is super-wonky and the political spectrum is insanely bad…but comics!

First things first: next week marks my first official con of 2017: Little Apple Comic Expo in Manhattan, KS.  The show starts at 10am on Saturday, March 18.  Check out their site here for more info.  I’ll be available for commissions both before and during the show and will be debuting this new print inspired by the new film, Logan.Wolverines_color

Secondly, I’ve recently co-founded the Nerd Dump with my friends Kody and Honea and we have launched our very own podcast where we’ll talk about everything from comics and video games to movies and tv and all the nerdy things in-between.  Our introductory episode is available on iTunes now but you can check out the first two episodes here!

Lastly, Geek Theory will be returning from its hiatus soon with all new strips, starting with a new story arc a few years in the making that will explore the characters’ beginnings and the origin of the title.  And no, it’s not just a rip-off of The Big Bang Theory. 🙂

That’s it from me for now but check this space soon for my current con schedule and the usual inane ramblings and art!


New sketch cover samples

Been a little bare in these parts for a while now so I thought I’d post a few new pieces I’ll have available when the con season begins this March (more on that in the coming weeks).  The first is my finished cover for The Walking Dead. I posted a poll before Christmas to decide which character would grace the cover, and the winner was that diabolical villain with a penchant for cracking skulls, Negan!


Next is a cover for one of my favorite new books of last year, Josie and the Pussycats from Archie comics, featuring the titular trio in all their leather-clad glory.


And lastly, here is the finished Harley Quinn cover featuring Suicide Squad bad girls Harley and Katana, as they appear in the adorable new DC Superhero Girls series.


End of the Year Wrap-Up

“End of Year”? No, it’s not the end of December yet but this past weekend marked the end of my convention season for the year.  And what a way to end! Air Capital Comic-Con was one of my more successful shows of the year and rest assured, Wichita, I plan to be back next year!  I loved getting to see old friends again, as well as meeting a bunch of great creators and fans (big shout-out to all the awesome Hamilton fans I met).  I even came back with a lot of inspiration and way too many ideas to list here, for now at least.

I spent much of the weekend drawing new pieces, both for commissions and new samples based on fan suggestions. I’ve posted a few pieces via social media but am saving a few commissions for later in the week.  For now, here’s a peek at a new cover sample I’ll have for the start of next year’s con season, which I should probably start planning.